The Rainy Season

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  • 6/26/2015 12:00:00 AM
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The Rainy Season

There's a good reason to order chicks in cooler weather and it's much like the reason we lamb in early winter...the FLIES! Right now, if you walked in the barn you might think we had pigs but we don't.  All this rain creates a breeding ground for flies and it's a constant battle to fight them off. Our best solution is to use a stinky, foul smelling fly attractant that we put in a half gallon jug with a bit of water and a special cap that traps the flies from escaping once they come in.  Emptying these little buggers is one of the stinkiest jobs on the farm.  It's up there with barn cleaning which is a horrifically ripe smell but it's worth it in the end for the beautiful compost it creates!

The upside to all this wet weather is that everything is green and lush in the central Indiana countryside.  The corn must be loving it because some of the corn is already up to my shoulder in some fields.  My sister-in-law from Oregon questioned the muddy brown rivers she crossed as she drove her U-Haul truck to Indiana last week. "Is it always like this?" Noooooo, it's not!  When I woke this morning I could see a coating of fog skimming the fields and the heavy low lying clouds that appeared to carry bucket loads of rain in.  It was a good idea last weekend to put the lambs in the barn for a week to dry their hooves out.  Many were skating in the mud under the tree cover and it was creating sore feet and limping lambs and now all but two of the 70 have recovered.

It's been a long month with the man traveling every week leaving the wife and dog in charge of managing sheep, garden and farmers market.  I'm looking forward to having my helper back to manage our flock.  Last week, we had to bring all 60 ewes back to the farm nearby so they would have more pastures to graze.  They now have plenty to eat but we lock them up at night since we had a coyote kill a ewe and injure another about three weeks ago.  We've been lucky the past 12 years to have coyotes that were not interested in eating our sheep but that's all changed now.  For the time being, we'll stay alert and may consider alternative guardians if this continues.



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