Smitten with Sadie, like a grandchild but a grand dog

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  • 4/22/2015 12:00:00 AM
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Smitten with Sadie, like a grandchild but a grand dog

When Sadie arrived at the farm she was just an "imp" so smart and so loveable.  My dog Meg took to her as if she were her own as you will see as you scroll down.

Often times, these two will be tearing around the barnyard playing at warp speed. At one point this past winter, the sheep suddenly jumped to their feet as these dogs sped through the barn with lightening speed covered in mud.

College Dog by weekday and Farm Dog by weekend.  We always look forward to having Jake and Sadie home to help out on the farm. 

Sadie has an affinity for chasing chickens so we usually keep the door latched as she runs around their pen crying because she can't get in.  Not sure if this is part herding instinct or just wanting to wear off her boundless energy. 

Meg makes it quite clear that when you're inside the house there is no horsing around...

The strong attachment to Jake shows anytime he leaves her inside.  She watches out the window for him and waits patiently until her returns.  Then follows me around to every room in the house. 



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