The Safe Keeping of Rams

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  • 2/8/2015 12:00:00 AM
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The Safe Keeping of Rams

A few nights ago, I stopped by the barn on my way back from town to do the usual check for newborn lambs.  When I turned on the overhead light of the barn, I noticed our Hampshire ram standing with his back to me amidst a harem of pregnant ewes.  It appeared he had broke out of his stall and now he stood quite happily among his women.

I quickly returned to the barn in my boots to restore the peace.  Upon my return, I found he was not the only male in this pen of Border Leicester ram, Darrius, had slyly pushed open the unlatched horse stall door to sneak in to see his lady friends as well.  This creates an even bigger issue when two rams get together in a large area...just envision a fight breaking out and all the bystanders crowded around to see who is going to get the first punch.  Well it appeared punches had been thrown or should I say headbutts had already started by the looks of the Darrius' head.

Trust me, it looked much worse that evening but he's healing.  I'm sure the Hampshire ram outweighed Darrius by a 1/3 of his weight.  Darrius lives with Hannah the horse and she is not big on sharing.

 I quickly needed to stop ram fight so I grabbed a scoop of feed and threw it into the frontline feeders to create a distraction.  All the ewes came rushing to the front to chow down.  Food is clearly way more important when you're weeks from delivering a lamb.  I caught the Hampshire ram and tied him up with a halter while I put Darrius back into the horse stall.  Then I was able to put the other ram back minus his stall-mate ewe friend who was happy to be freed.  Sigh...

Earlier in the day my neighbor was kind enough to bring his tools to the ram's stall to help me return the main post into it's original place and rehang another very heavy gate this ram and broken with his head.  I do not know what I would do without my neighbor Russ and his wife Marilyn.  This Hampshire ram had been trying to weaken two of the four sides with his grossly large head.  If he was not careful the old barn could fall down on top of him. ***



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