Starting the New Year with New Lambs

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  • 1/23/2015 12:00:00 AM
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Starting the New Year with New Lambs

Our first lambs born were all singles like this Border Leicester pictured above.  In this cold weather, they nurse often and grow very fast.  The Border Leicester ewes are a very hands off kind of sheep. They do not want anyone helping them out and they are very protective of their lambs.

Lambs move from the insulated lambing barn to the bigger enclosed barn after about a week so we can make room for the other ewes to lamb.  We'll start to introduce a creep feed to these little guys when they are about a month old.

Meet Darla! We allowed our friend, Jay Williams, to name her which is uncommon on our farm.  Only ewes can earn a name by their strong personalities usually. By the end of the weekend, Jay sent a link about Darla Moore, a wealthy South Carolina business woman our single little ewe lamb is named after.

My most recent babies were from #1132 born late Thursday afternoon, January 22nd.  Twin girls or twin ewes as we call them were anxiously ready to eat when I found them all cleaned off next to their mother.  Unfortunately, this ewe only has half a working udder and this was also the case last year I learned.  She's a good mother so we continue to keep her on the farm but some might cull her from the herd since she makes more work for me!

Yes, I will be supplemental feeding these two for several weeks about 4 times a day with lambs milk replacer.  Lambs are usually weaned at 60 days after birth. 



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